FY23 (Total: $62.3 million)

  1. Project Name: Castroville, Texas Parks and Recreation Community Building
    • Awarded Amount: $1,705,340
    • Intended Recipient: City of Castroville, Texas
    • The funds would be used for the construction of a 7,800 SF multi-use community building for Parks and Rec within the greater Medina County region. The city does not currently have an adequate building of this type to host community events
    • Location: Castroville (Medina County)
  2. Project Name: Fort Stockton, Texas Wastewater Clarifier
    • Awarded Amount: $286,114
    • Intended Recipient: City of Fort Stockton
    • The city has two wastewater clarifiers, but only one is working. The main purpose of these plants is to treat tons of solid and liquid waste generated from homes and companies. Clarifiers in wastewater treatment plants have been an integral part of the city, whenever the concentration of suspended solids is high in the wastewater, clarifiers are a necessary component to remove it.
    • Location: Fort Stockton
  3. Project Name: Sandhills Wastewater Collection System
    • Awarded Amount: $2,500,000
    • Intended Recipient: El Paso County Planning & Development Department
    • This project would provide first time sanitary wastewater collection to approx. 1,056 people 352 homes within 5 colonias and decommission the currentlyused septic tanks.
    • Location: El Paso
  4. Project Name: Riverside Canal Concrete Lining Project
    • Awarded Amount: $100,000
    • Intended Recipient: El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1
    • Funds would be used to concrete line a 1-mile section of the Riverside Canal throughout the greater El Paso County region. This project would help manage and allocate Rio Grande water to use during drought years including for 49,000 acres of agricultural land in El Paso County, approximately 50% of municipal water demand for a population of 800,000+, 372 acres of designated wetlands with active irrigation water rights also used for ecotourism, and 379.2 acres of tribal land with active irrigation water rights for the Tigua Tribe.
    • Location: El Paso
  5. Project Name: Sul Ross State University Midstream Oil and Gas Midstream Critical Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity Hub
    • Awarded Amount: $2,500,000
    • Intended Recipient: Sul Ross State University
    • The project leverages an investment made by the Texas Legislature to the Center for Midstream (oil and gas) Management and Science to address critical infrastructure cybersecurity threats in Texas. The funds would be leveraged to advance information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to drive analytics, automation and remote operations. The project leverages the only center in the United States with research, training, education, and outreach capabilities to directly serve the midstream oil and gas industry’s cybersecurity needs.
    • Location: Alpine (Brewster County)
  6. Project Name: San Antonio Water Systems, Generators for Critical Infrastructure Protection
    • Awarded Amount: $2,000,000
    • Intended Recipient: San Antonio Water Systems
    • In 2021, severe ice storms forced SAWS to take pump stations offline due to their impact on the electrical grid. Funding would equip pump stations that feed critical infrastructure throughout the city with backup generators so that a future weather even does not impact the grid and prevent SAWS from providing water to San Antonio and surrounding areas.
    • Location: San Antonio
  7. Project Name: Shavano Park Street Projects Phase I
    • Awarded Amount: $4,000,000
    • Intended Recipient: City of Shavano Park
    • This project would benefit the public through the addition of pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, and drainage improvements to De Zavala Rd, a major thoroughfare in the City of Shavano Park.
    • Location: San Antonio
  8. Project Name: Camino Real International Bridge Roadway Reconfiguration
    • Awarded Amount: $5,000,000
    • Intended Recipient: City of Eagle Pass
    • This project will improve the roadway leading to/from the Camino Real Port of Entry and will drastically improve the mobility and connectivity of export/import commercial traffic. It will also incentivize more commercial traffic to use the Port of Eagle Pass as their connection hub along United States/Mexico.
    • Location: Eagle Pass
  9. Project Name: San Antonio Housing Authority Capital Funding for Critical Needs Infrastructure
    • Awarded Amount: $2,000,000
    • Intended Recipient: San Antonio Housing Authority
    • There is currently a national housing crisis, and the impacts are felt severely by the City of San Antonio where 1 out of 15 citizens are on SAHA waitlist to receive affordable housing. This project will ensure that hundreds of public housing units remain fit to house families across the city. Additionally, funds would allow SAHA to perform critical repairs and maintenance to public housing communities to avoid health and safety hazards.
    • Location: San Antonio
  10. Project Name: Capital Equipment Purchase for TAMU San Antonio Public Health and Genomics Research Center
    • Awarded Amount: $1,945,000
    • Intended Recipient: Texas A&M University-San Antonio
    • Texas A&M University in San Antonio (TAMU-SA) requests $1.9 million to purchase capital equipment that will help establish a world-class research center in Public Health Genetics and Genomics. The center will focus on cutting-edge opportunities to improve the prediction, prevention, early detection, and treatment of diabetes.
    • Location: San Antonio
  11. Project Name: Regional Trunking Radio System Upgrade Request
    • Awarded Amount: $5,484,000
    • Intended Recipient: Middle Rio Grande Development Council
    • This project will allow a nine-county region along the border to upgrade the P25 radio system that various law enforcement agencies utilize to communicate with each other. The upgrade will improve the reliability and modernize the much-needed radio trunking infrastructure used by approximately 3,200 local membership agency subscribers that include law enforcement, emergency medical (EMS), fire departments, and local school police forces.
    • Location: 9 County Region (Dimmit, Edwards, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde and Zavala).
  12. Project Name: Hudspeth County Flood Mitigation Planning Project
    • Awarded Amount: $375,000
    • Intended Recipient: Hudspeth County
    • This project benefits colonias in a rapidly developing area of Hudspeth County by establishing a county floodplain management program to address regional flood risks.
    • Location: Sierra Blanca (Hudspeth County)
  13. Project Name: Randolph Air Force Base Child Development Center
    • Awarded Amount: $29,000,000
    • Intended Recipient: Randolph Air Force Base
    • This funding would be used to construct a new Child Development Center at Randolph Air Force Base.
    • Location: San Antonio
  14. Project Name: Cost to Complete for Lackland Air Force Base Basic Military Training Recruit Dormitory 8
    • Awarded Amount: $5,400,000
    • Intended Recipient: Lackland Air Force Base
    • Location: San Antonio