Texas is our nation’s lead energy producer in oil, natural gas, and wind-powered electricity. The United States must continue to take an all-in approach to meeting our nation’s energy needs. Through my work on the House Appropriations Committee, I can ensure government funds go to the development of U.S. energy production. Furthermore, on the Committee, I can ensure that funds are not used to create burdensome regulations for our energy producers.

I used my position on the Committee to strike down amendments that would have limited access to gas stoves and certain washing machines. 

I believe that U.S. energy production is pivotal to U.S. energy security and national security. As such, I will continue to fight for our energy producers. Most recently, I sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency disapproving their recently proposed rule which would amend the standards for fossil fuel-fired power plants, which produce over 60 percent of our nation’s electricity. Changing these standards would prematurely retire these plants, leaving our nation’s grid woefully strained.